Savannah dairy vehicles

June 9, 2009

Here are a few vintage shots of local milk delivery trucks. First, an awesome photo of one of our farm’s trucks in the mid-1920s:

Dairy Truck 1926

Note the dairy’s permit number, in our case 26, clearly posted on the side.

Here’s another shot of a different, apparently larger, Morekis Dairy vehicle, year unknown (permit is also 26):

Morekis Dairy Truck

For an interesting change of pace, here’s an image of an old Starland Dairy horse-drawn delivery wagon, circa 1945:

Milk Delivery Wagon,1945,Savannah, GA


12 Responses to “Savannah dairy vehicles”

  1. Ben Conner Says:

    I was scanning thru your book ,and I was pleasantly surprised to see that your family was in the Dairy Business here in Savannah ,and you had some vintage photoes of milk trucks !My dad had a dairy farm too,and I grew up helping in that endeavor!As part of that business we came to Savannah very often ,and and at one time we hauled raw milk to be processed and we hauled the finished product back to Mt.Vernon for distribution .During those early days ,I recall seeing the quaint horse drawn milk wagons here in Savannah that you show in one of your photoes!Very entertaining ! Where was your family’s dairy farm here in Savannah ? Thanks ,Ben

  2. Allen Morles Says:

    I sincerely got a kick from your post. I don’t really have much to say in reply, I only want to comment to reply with wonderful function. luck in 2010.

  3. David Buchanan Says:

    I live on Wilmington Island and I was planting a blueberry bush in my back yard this weekend. As I dug up the ground I unearthed an old bottle. It was totally in tack. I took inside and washed it out. It turned out to be a Starland Dairies Half Pint bottle with Savannah,GA printed around the bottom. They just don’t glass bottles like this anymore. Is this bottle worth anything to anyone?

    • morekisdairy Says:

      David, I have seen several Starland Dairy bottles out and about. Not sure if they’re worth real money. Looked on ebay and didn’t see any listed. Please don’t get rid of it though — I would be happy to take it off your hands.

    • Adam Newsome Says:

      Wow! What a find! If you have no use for it, I would love to take it off your hands, being I am the great-grandson of the founder of Starland Dairy.

      • Donna Bowles Says:

        My mother posed for a Starland Dairies advertisement in the 60’s. I have been looking for a copy of that ad for several years. Do you know of any collectors or anywhere I can inquire to back issues of the newspaper in Savannah back then??? I would love to get this for my mom. She would get a real kick out of it. The only copy she had burned several years ago.

      • dk Says:

        Adam, i also have a MINT pint bottle. just looking for a little history on Starland Dairy.

      • Hi!

        I have recently found a Starland Dairy bottle as well. Can you tell me when the company went out of business? I haven’t been able to find any information on that.


  4. David Buchanan Says:

    Where are you located and I will bring this bottle by one day?

  5. Adam Newsome Says:

    I really enjoyed your site, and photo of my great-grandfather’s old dairy mill whose name was John Newsome. My grandfather Elmer Newsome, whose sister was Lillian Newsome who had a big part to do with the mill as far as office goes. During the Depression, he helped alot of people through it with free milk, but the plant was notoriously known for the ice cream, where kids from around the neighborhood would come. Good setting of that time.

  6. Calley Hille Says:

    To Adam Newsome I live in Charleston SC and have found 2 starland dairy bottles and would love you to have them contact me if you are interested.

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