Happy Greek Independence Day

March 25, 2010

On March 25,  Greeks everywhere celebrate Greek Independence Day. On this day in 1821, the War of Independence against the Ottoman Turks officially began, with a proclamation by the Bishop of Patras (Savannah’s sister city in Greece, by the way) at a monastery.

As with most things in Greece, religion plays a corresponding role. In the Greek Orthodox calendar, March 25 is the Annunciation — the day the Archangel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would bear a child.

To mark the occasion, here’s a vintage photo, circa 1920s, of one of my relatives, Constantinos Mourikis. He is the nephew of my great-grandfather, also named Constantinos, the man who founded the Morekis Dairy in Savannah.

In this photo,  Constantinos wears the traditional garb of the klephts, or mountain guerrilla soldiers, a uniform later appropriated by the Greek honorary guard, the Evzones.

(As any Scot will tell you, you need to wear a skirt to fight well in the mountains. You can laugh if you want, but the Greeks won and the Turks lost.)


2 Responses to “Happy Greek Independence Day”

  1. Charles Says:

    It’s only because people reason by association that they think skirts are “female.” No—bras and tampons are female. Horseback riding placed men into pants, but we’re falsely taught that “brain chemistry” causes men to wear pants. Nonsense. It’s learned behavior enforced by mass hypnosis (and hokey concocted definitions).

  2. Alexis Says:

    Ya sou xaderfe,

    all my great respect to your family and your ancestors.
    The Euzones were rude soldiers.

    Ta leme.


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