The mythical Morekis Dairy bottle, discovered

April 1, 2010

A comment a couple of posts below about someone finding an old Starland Dairy bottle prompts this post today. For years we have talked about the old Morekis Dairy bottles. Unfortunately there seem to be very, very few of them around.

However, the other day poking around my mom’s house we actually found one. I took a couple of photos of it. It’s really quite striking.

One thing we noticed that was somewhat unexpected, if kind of wonky: The label doesn’t say “Morekis Dairy,” but rather “Morekis’ Dairy” with the possessive.


One Response to “The mythical Morekis Dairy bottle, discovered”

  1. Donna Bowles Says:

    OK so I have a question… Was Starland Dairy formerly known as Morekis or another dairy??? Or were they altogether separate?

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