Raw milk, yum

April 20, 2010

Here’s an interesting story on the raw milk movement, from New York Magazine of all places, here.

The Morekis Dairy didn’t always pasteurize its milk; those laws came about sometime after the dairy’s 1909 founding. (They say that back in the day a bottle of milk, especially from the Jersey cows, was about one-third heavy butterfat cream, floating on the top.)

When the pasteurizing laws went through, this added enormous labor time and cost to the dairy. The pasteurization equipment itself was expensive, but adding to the cost was the staff time needed to exhaustively clean and disinfect all of it — an already-difficult task made more so because of the plethora of machinery.

Here’s another interesting link, to a 1938 (!) comparison of “real” vs. pasteurized milk.


One Response to “Raw milk, yum”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Came across your very interesting tribute to another American Dairy Farmer while attempting to locate any dairy farms that may still remain in operation in the Savannah,GA area. My family still operates a dairy farm in Texas and we like to visit other farms when we travel. Can you help provide me with any particulars? Visiting 07/28/10 thru 08/02/10. Thank you – and yes we drink our milk RAW!

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