Kindle much?

March 30, 2011

I admit I’ve previously been pretty skeptical of the digital book phenomenon. As an old-school paper-sniffing bibliophile from early childhood — my family still jokes that I used to read encyclopedias for fun, which is true — the whole concept of reading an actual book on a computer screen, as opposed to the sundry other things one usually reads via computer, once seemed gimmicky at best, vaguely offensive at worst.

I must say, though, that when I found out how many e-books are being sold now — in other words, when I realized that e-books seem to be helping book-lovers rather than hurting them — I began to change my tune.

For example, the recently released digital edition of my own Moon Charleston & Savannah has done very well recently in the Amazon rankings for regional travel titles. While this mirrors the success the dead-tree version has also had, it provided an awesome morale boost to see the title also performing well in the Kindle realm.

The most recent edition of my book

I don’t have a Kindle or other book-reader, yet. I may never buy one. But the nearly immediate embrace of the technology by book-lovers from the ground up as convinced me to welcome this particular change, rather than dread it. There’s no way a screen can replace the printed page, but if the second-best thing still involves reading the book — as opposed to not reading at all — then I’ll take it.


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