Savannah Book Festival success!

February 28, 2013
In the author signing tent at the Savannah Book Festival (photo Geoff L. Johnson)

In the author signing tent at the Savannah Book Festival (photo Geoff L. Johnson)

This past Feb. 16 I had the utmost honor of being a presenting author at the Savannah Book Festival, highlighting my travel guides in the Moon handbook series. Over its brief five years of existence, the Book Festival has evolved — exploded might be a better word — from a modest event featuring lesser-known regional authors to a marquee calendar
event featuring some of the nation’s most popular writers and writer/celebrities.

Some of the authors who came to Savannah this year hawking new books included Al Gore (The Future), T.C. Boyle (San Miguel), Gregg Allman (My Cross To Bear), Paula McLain (The Paris Wife), Jake Tapper (The Outpost), Dave Barry (Insane City), and James Patterson (too many to count), among many, many others.

While to a certain extent one might bemoan the slightly decreased focus on  local/regional authors — though there are still quite a few of us  participating — there is little doubt that by showcasing more nationally known authors, the Savannah Book Festival has successfully achieved its goal of being a bona fide national event on par with any other such book festival in the country.

Don’t take my word for it. Take it from the C-SPAN’s Doug Hemming, whose network broadcast Al Gore’s presentation live:

“The caliber of nonfiction authors that Savannah is going to have this year is as strong as any festival we cover,” Hemming said in a recent article.

The attendance was also nothing short of gobsmacking. On a cold, blustery day, several venues in and around historic, moss-draped Telfair Square were packed with festival attendees — about 10,000, according to estimates.  (And they bought over 3,000 books!)

Many authors, such as Gore and Boyle, saw some people turned away simply because there was no more room. While I was not quite that popular, nonetheless I filled my presentation room to capacity, and the presentation went extremely well. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


One Response to “Savannah Book Festival success!”

  1. Leslie Adair Says:

    You are VERY popular here. Nice picture!

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