About the author

Jim Morekis is a native Savannahian and editor-in-chief of the local independent weekly newspaper Connect Savannah (connectsavannah.com). His first book, Moon Charleston and Savannah, a travel guide to the region, is on stands now and is available at all major online retailers.

Two more guidebooks, Moon South Carolina and Moon Coastal Carolinas, were released in Fall 2009 and are also available for purchase and enjoyment!


5 Responses to “About the author”

  1. Dale Pughsley Says:

    Jim enjoyed viewing the Morekis Dairy pages. I remember visiting the dairy in 1960 and getting some cold fresh milk. Thanks for the posting. Also Leonora is famous for her Johnny Green stories which she use to tell my kids when they were small. If you have never heard of these stories ask her about them.

  2. Dufflyn Says:

    Okay so I am spelling diary correctly. One little letter out of place and the whole world turns upside down. Great to see what you’ve done these past years Jim! Congrats and keep on Moovin’


  3. John Says:

    Is the site for sale?

  4. John Says:

    Sorry…..I was curious about the Roberd’s Dairy property and if it was for sale.

  5. JOE BERRY Says:

    WHERE WAS THE PASTURE USED FOR THE HORSES ON BARNARD AND 49th 51st somewhere do u know the exact location where it used to b

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