How do you pronounce “Morekis?”

I’ve heard just about all possible manglings of the family name, from Mereski to Morris. Mostly it’s just people being lazy, seeing the first and last letter of the name and filling in the rest.

A lot of marginally more thoughtful folks mistakenly pronounce it phonetically: More Kiss. That’s certainly cute, but not correct.

The right way to say our family name is “More-EE-kiss.” The name is an Anglicized spelling of the original surname, spelled Mourikis.


One Response to “How do you pronounce “Morekis?””

  1. Mike Koreckis Says:

    hi, i came upon your name from kenny sellers’ facebook page. i have the same problem people pronouncing my name koreckis which is part polish and part latvian (former USSR country). my name is pronounced kor-eck-kiss. nice to know someone else has a name most people don’t know how to pronounce.

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